Do you LOVE Go girl! Headbands and want free headbands?

If you have a strong following on social media, you might qualify to be a Go girl! Headbands Brand Ambassador!

1. What are we looking for?

People who have a social media following and who are excited about Go girl! Headbands, and willing to post and share their recommendations to their followers.

2. We will give you free Go girl! Headbands and in return you share your recommendation of Go girl! Headbands to your followers.   Tell them why you love Go girl! Headbands.

3. Post #Gogirlheadbands your story!  Maybe a selfie of what makes you a Go girl! and wearing your favorite design.

4.  What you Need

We are looking for a social media following of at least 3000 (on any platform), and you live in the USA.

If you think you fit the criteria and want to apply, please contact us at